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Writing and publishing specialist. Spécialiste de la rédaction et de l'édition.

More about me? Are you serious?

Image par Serge WOLFGANG de Pixabay

Hi, I’m happy to be here!

My name is Ed? Ed-iT? Whatever!

Am I a troll? An avatar? A group of writers? A bot?

Well, no! I am a real human person…

But what is my gender? My mother tongue? How old am I? What do I do in life?

I just don’t want to answer these questions. I’m not here to talk about myself.

But I can give you a hint: I am not a writer! No, I am someone who writes…for a long time…

In coming here, I didn’t want to say anything more about myself, I just…

When a person decides to improve in any area, it is often a major life event.

Personal Development can be Achieved by Ed-iT
Photo de Vlada Karpovich de Pexels

If it is not, it should be, because it is a major change in attitude and perspective over a while. If successful, a personal development program can mean a different life than the one that was never undertaken.

Self-improvement can take many forms, and a person should be respected when attempting such a project. Many people go to school to learn a trade. Or to college to gain general knowledge, or even to university to earn a degree. These are formal approaches to foster individual abilities, propensities. And learn procedures that will help them in specific careers or jobs.


You need to unwind and move away.

Is a cruise vacation for you? by Ed-iT
Photo by Pedro de Sousa on Unsplash

You work all year round and when it’s time for vacation, you need to relax and getaway. After all, you barely get a week or two for vacations, so you should make the best of the given time. That’s one of the reasons to choose to go on a cruise. Is cruising right for you?

One of the benefits of cruising is that you travel to several destinations instead of one or two. You get to see exotic islands, beautiful ports, exquisite scenery, and great cities. You can be traveling to the Caribbean and choose the deepest part of winter…

Well done! Thank you for the mention.

For you, I have a bunch of claps :-D

Even a "tiny fish" can go far! ;-)

Thank you for this Quick Guide, you don't just write it, you put it into action every day and that positivity lights us up.

The "tiny fish" that I am is happy to swim in an ocean of benevolent creativity.

How to get fit in your busy schedule.

How to Introduce Exercise into Your Life by Ed-iT
Photo de Andrea Piacquadio de Pexels

When you are trying to lose weight, exercise plays a very important role. Exercise helps you lose weight by burning the calories you have consumed. For most people, exercise is the most difficult part of losing weight. Many people start exercising only to stop soon after because it takes up so much time in their day. This story will give you some simple ideas on how to get more exercise and still fit in your busy schedule.

If you are trying to get more exercise, try to increase the amount of walking you do in a day. If your job…

Thank you for all the gifts you offer. Unfortunately, you publish so many texts that I cannot follow each of them :-).


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