Me, My-self, and Ed-iT

More about me? Are you serious?

Photo by Serge WOLFGANG on Pixabay

Hi, I’m happy to be here!

My name is Ed? Ed-iT? Whatever!

Am I a troll? An avatar? A group of writers? A bot?

Well, no! I am a real human person…

But what is my gender? My mother tongue? How old am I? What do I do in life?

I just don’t want to answer these questions. I’m not here to talk about myself.

But I can give you a hint: I am not a writer! No, I am someone who writes…for a long time…

In coming here, I didn’t want to say anything more about myself, I just wanted to share a few little stories.

My problem is that I am interested in many things, sometimes too much. Curiosity is my biggest flaw and my greatest quality.

And if I publish on Medium, it is for me a kind of experiment. Sharing stories in English is a real challenge, and if each text interests only one person……then I won my bet!

I look forward to sharing a few more and reading yours too.

Maybe one day, I’ll tell you more…


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